Diego F. Leal

Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of South Carolina

Department of Sociology
University of South Carolina
911 Pickens St., 
Sloan College, Rm. 216
Columbia, SC, 29208
leald [at] mailbox [dot] sc [dot] edu

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Ph.D., Sociology
University of Massachusetts

M.A., Political Science, cum laude
Universidad de Los Andes

B.A., Political Science
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, I'm an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of South Carolina.

My research interests are related to the areas of social networks, computational social science, international migration, social movements, and Latin America. Some of my published works include an agent-based model on network reciprocity and the evolution of cooperation, a comparative analysis of migration dynamics between the Andean Region and Spain, a paper on the emergence of novel protest tactics in Bogotá, and a study on the relationships between think tanks and political parties in Colombia. 
I'm currently working with James Kitts on a paper about diffussion dynamics across symbolic boundaries, with Steven Boutcher and Anthony Paik on a study that lies at the intersections of organizational sociology and social networks, with Mark Pachucki on a paper about network diversity and health, and with Joya Misra and Ragini Malhotra on a series of papers that analyze contemporary trends in the global network of carework migration.